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Together we endure, we struggle, and now we celebrate our success! 

ICEF Homecoming
Sharing our Heritage

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

ICEF Homecoming is a celebration of ICEF's roots in the community. Current Performing Arts students are putting on a 40-minute high octane performance you don't want to miss. We invite you to join ICEF Homecoming as we celebrate our past successes and our commitment to close the opportunity gap for every ICEF scholar. Your participation helps transform a child's future.


Together for a brighter future

Community, Commitment, Equity, & Growth are the values that ICEF exemplifies. ICEF was one of the first schools to open its door to in-person learning in March 2021 because we understood our community's need, and we could not be more thrilled by our decision. 

Below are some highlights that reflect our commitment to our students and community. We have:

  • Implemented a weekly testing process for all students and staff across our network
  • Established a virtual independent study program for the few students who medically cannot attend school in person (58 students currently enrolled)
  • Strengthen our Mental Wellness Program at ICEF Public Schools
  • Partnered with LA Alliance, Peace Players, Front Line Tutoring, LMU, & Learning Communities to better support our students

ICEF View Park Winner of the Aspen Institute National Award

View Park was the winner in the LA area for its unique and transformational extracurricular programs.

View Park won the $20,000 charter school award because of its variety of unique sports offered, entrepreneurial approach to fundraising, and ability to grow sports participation at a higher rate than most charter schools. Research shows that students who play multiple sports do better academically and behaviorally than those who specialize in just one. Significant differences have been found in GPAs and days suspended from school. View Park stood out for providing so many unique sport options for an inner-city charter school, such as skiing, surfing, rugby, sailing, and snowboarding.


ICEF Rugby Featured at the Women's Sports Foundation Annual Salute

ICEF Rugby was honored to be featured at the Women's Women's Sports Foundation Annual Salute to Women in Sports. We were recognized as a WSF and espnW Sport 4 Life grantee by Laila Ali on the night. It was an inspiring show and was broadcast by Yahoo Sports around the world.

The Women's Sports Foundation Annual Salute is the biggest night in women's sports that brought top athletes, coaches, and celebrities together to celebrate those dedicated to advancing girls and women through sport.

It also featured Billie Jean King, Natalie Portman, Tom Brady, Linsey Vonn, Alana Nichols, Phaidra Knight, Michelle Kwan, and Carli Lloyd. The virtual live broadcast event intends to inspire millions to embrace the power of sport and join the movement towards equality.


Embrace the Mind

Embrace the Mind is a school-based mental health program designed by ICEF Public Schools for Black and Latinx students. We are on a mission to bring more voices of color into the creation and vision for a comprehensive mental wellness program. Our vision is to reduce the achievement gap by increasing mental health literacy, reducing mental health stigma, shifting culture within school environments, and equipping students, families, and staff with the tools to build, practice, and maintain their well-being. 

So much love and joy! #classroomjoy #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #breakthestigma #wellnessjourney #wellness #embracethemind

Meditation and mindfulness practices are for everyone. Here at ICEF, you are valued not for your output, but for who you are as an individual.#mindfulness #resistance #embracethemind #breakthestigma #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

At ICEF, we are all about embracing our minds through our daily practices. This includes setting up our classrooms to be conducive for learning and allowing students to have a safe place to learn. Message us some ways your school promotes wellness through design! #schoolwellness #embracethemind #breakthestigma #talkaboutmentalhealth #affirmations #safelearningenvironment


Mobile Vaccine Clinics

Part of building community and a sense of belonging is ensuring we take care of each other and share resources across our communities. ICEF hosted mobile vaccination clinics at three of our school sites multiple times, with 200+ members of our community receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Thank you to our sponsors, Health Care Integrated Services - for making this possible!


Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month 

ICEF loves to celebrate our campus diversity with the communities that have shaped our nation. This past month, we celebrated the anniversary of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, as well as Día de la Raza. 

Here are our 2021 ICEF Hispanic Heritage Poster Contest Winners!  

Kendal Johnson, Inglewood Elementary, 5th grade

Nataly Chavez, Vista MS, 8th Grade

Jade Diaz, Vista MS, 7th Grade


Meet Our Newest Partners!


LA Alliance

ICEF schools have continued with innovative programming and impactful partnerships throughout the pandemic. One of the most expansive is with the LA Alliance. Not only have the top pro sports teams in LA committed to supporting growing athletic programming at View Park High School, but they also created a Student Empowerment group. 

As part of the LA Alliance, VPHS was one of two high schools in Los Angeles chosen to develop a cohort of student-athletes to represent the inaugural Student Empowerment Program. The program aims to educate and provide a platform for students to discuss social justice issues, racial injustices, develop educational opportunities, and support each other in their community. 

LA Alliance featured ICEF Rugby's Jeremiah Johnson and Kimorri Boozer!

The LA Alliance recently featured Jeremiah Johnson and Kimrri Boozer as two VPHS multi-sport student-athletes and ICEF Rugby players. Check out the video here! Check out the video here! 


Peace Players International

ICEF is delighted to introduce Peace Players International at View Park Preparatory Middle School and View Park Preparatory High School. We partnered with Peace Players because we both believe in empowering youth and impacting communities so we can build a movement to Forge Life-Long Change and create a sense of belonging. 

Through this partnership, ICEF student-athletes will have the opportunity to attend and compete at the annual global convening that brings together some 150 participants, ages 13-16, from the Middle East, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, and the United States as well as 100 additional international stakeholders. This initiative marks a new stage for ICEF Public Schools, enabling us to ignite a global movement of young leaders who are motivated and equipped to use the power of basketball to build a more peaceful and equitable world. We hope to continue to foster amazing partnerships like Peace Players Internationa that can help us support youth to influence lasting positive change.


Front Line Tutoring

Front Lines Tutoring (FLT) is a nonprofit organization that was formed during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March of 2020, FLT has since offered over 20,000 hours of tutoring to more than 350 families nationwide. FLT has more than 400 tutors from over 50 different universities across the U.S.

 Our partnership with FLT is the first in a series of milestones ICEF hopes to achieve to bridge this widening gap and ensure equitable educational opportunities for all our students. We are excited to bring this partnership to ICEF Inglewood to support students’ learning and look forward to a long relationship that lasts beyond COVID-19.


Learn more about what our students, parents, teachers & alumni have to say about ICEF!

View Park 7th Grade Student

"ICEF View Park has been amazing and a place that my family and I can call home. Few schools can provide the support and the help that our community needs and that I have received over the years I've been part of this fantastic school. ICEF View Park is invested in understanding its students and understanding the needs of the community and the families who attend the school. I love this school for its academics, but most importantly, I love them for their commitment to understanding and supporting the community; this will always be my forever favorite school."

Kandice Powell, parent of 2 View Park Knights! (Parent)

"ICEF View Park is more than a school for my children; it is a place where little Black children can relate, express themselves, ask questions, be challenged, learn, and grow with their peers and walk out of 8th grade a confident, knowledgeable, and prepared teenager. ICEF View Park is a staple in the community and an essential piece of the foundation of young Black Scholars in South LA. I love walking in saying hey to the staff and students alike, whether dropping off, picking up, or sitting in on a lesson; it’s a great feeling knowing that you can connect with those who your scholar will see and learn from daily. I am so happy that I found ICEF View Park Prep"

Teresa Hanson (Teacher)

"My daughter attended ICEF Thurgood Marshall. I was impressed with the dedication that teachers and staff had towards its students. So, when I transitioned from LAUSD; I applied to several ICEF schools. When I interviewed with ICEF, I was again impressed with the fact that collaboration was a big part of ICEF and the small class sizes. I have always wanted to work in a small close school community that values its students and parents, and that is exactly what ICEF is all about. That is why I decided to teach and still love teaching at ICEF. Go Inglewood Dolphins."

Lauren Butler (Alumni)

"My life was forever changed when my dad enrolled me at View Park in the 11th grade. From art to poetry, volleyball to rugby, meeting best friends to getting lifelong mentors and traveling the world. I acknowledge and am forever grateful for the privilege to have attended such a school that provided these opportunities. I know that my life would have been totally different if I hadn’t."



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