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Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day!! Over 100 Students, Educators and Coaches Engaged in 4-8 Grade Rugby / High School Leaders Deliver Coaching and Mentorship!!


Congratulations to everyone on a hugely successful 7 weeks of 4th-8th grade rugby season!! A big thanks to our PE teachers, our high school coaches and all our students who have come out from our 7 ICEF schools!! We appreciate the teamwork, leadership development and fun we've had over the past two months. The last Wednesday rugby is today. Come out to support us at Edward Vincent Park, 700 Warren Lane, Thanks!!


CIF Girls and Boys Basketball / Idris Muhammad's CIF Basketball Report 2023 Season Reports 2023


Idris Muhammad, Season Report February 2023:

Everyone loves a comeback story, but this is no comeback story. This is a story of hard work, tenacity, and love. The “ball is life” phrase is often thrown around loosely. But after spending 3 years with my team I can genuinely say that ball is life for these boys. After our record last year of 5-11 everyone had a chip on their shoulder. We all were sick of losing. So over the summer, some traveled, while others played basketball for AAU teams. I was on the former end of the options but that did not mean I wasn’t playing basketball. On my summer journey not only did I play basketball I studied it so that when the new season came around I’d be prepared. But the beginning of my senior year had separate plans. I broke my ankle while at football practice. And was out for an entire 3 months, finishing football season and slowly impeding on basketball season. I was heartbroken, I thought I’d never be in a competitive state. The thought of not being able to play the game I love broke my heart, and I didn’t want to let my team down. After those 3 months and my being released from my boot, I was still unable to completely function. My ankle was stiff and tender. After rigorous rehab, I returned to practice. Once there, I realized everyone had gotten better. Everyone wanted to win, and we looked as though we were having fun doing it. There’s a simple saying I pride myself on, “The urge to not lose will always be stronger than the urge to win.” So as we progressed and grew, we merged. WE became a unit. All moving towards one goal. The goal of not losing. Winning comes naturally to those who work hard, but we simply worked to not lose. Our first game against Manuel Arts was perfect. I saw teamwork, effort, and a victory at the end of the game. We moved through our season after that collecting victory upon victory but also losing some games. Whether it be individual guilt or collective disappointment, we knew we had to be better to compete at a higher level. Everything came together during our most recent home game against Dorsey, we were making shots, making the right plays, and playing defense, it almost looked as though we were favored by the basketball gods. Everyone played and everyone made plays. It was perfect down to the last minute details. And if asked do I believe in my team? I will scream yes from atop any mountain top if asked. If asked would I do it differently? No, I would not. If asked where are we headed? I’d tell you to not take your eyes off of us or you might miss the show.


Year 2 Partnership with Row LA / View Park High School, View Park Middle School and Vista Middle / Developing Leadership Through Rowing / Rowing & Sailing On The Water April '23!!


For the last two weeks, we are delighted to share that had a successful two week unit of rowing at our ICEF Leadership Academy. All students in Physical Education and Strength and Conditioning participated in an exciting year 2 Intro to Rowing. We are excited to offer opportunities to row on the water alongside sailing in April. Stay tuned!!


Urban Rugby Championship 2023 Kicks Off this Week / The 2nd Annual Urban Rugby Championship in Los Angeles / Rugby, 2023


Please join us on February 24th and 25th in Los Angeles to witness the magic of the URCs!!


The Alliance Leadership Initiative / Registration Deadline March 10 /  Program Starts March 21, 2023 / Call for Student-Athletes to Apply!!


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